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Heather’s Team Training

Training Resource

  • Please feel free to ask your questions and connect with me down below in the reply box.

  • The training tools that I am offering you is to help you build your at home business. These tools and training’s are in no way to replace your website training or your up line. Please utilize both for maximum business building!


 Getting Started: First 7 Days

  • As a new distributor one of the very first things you should do before you even receive your kit is to write down 100 people that you know. This way you can contact them and let them know that you have started your own business. The process of sharing your business and product with everyone you know should start the moment that you join the company (way before you get your kit)
  • Before you receive your kit you should be building your business on your social media sites. Inform all of your family and friends that you have started up your own business.
  • You can pre-sell samples so when your kit comes you will already have customers lined up
  • When your kit comes in the  mail take a picture of yourself and your kit. Then post it on all of your social media sites.
  • Go to your back office and view the training.
  • Get in touch with your 4k and up up lines – Crucial
  • Learn and follow the duplicatable steps your company provides

Boost Your Business

  • Get on a three way call with your 4k and up up line
  • Get on as many conference calls as possible
  • Attend as many training sessions that your up line offers
  • Go to your marketing material
  • Set your weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • Work on your daily Self-Development

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