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Chapter: Nurturing Facebook Groups

By: Heather Lynn


My favorite way to use Facebook groups is through the power of building the relationship. Look in groups or on Fan pages and view the status updates. The key here is to target people who are commenting and leaving intelligent comments, you are looking for their character. Are they posting as a positive, smart and non-argumentative individual? You want to avoid those who are being argumentative as you are looking for those who would be a good fit for your business.

After you view their character send them a personal message and friend request. Also subscribe to their feed so that you can see their status updates. When you see your friends in your news feed it is critical to like and comment on their posts a couple times a week. It will help you to remain in their news feed so that they can see your status updates.

Initial Message

  • Send personal Message so it is personalized.
  • Look at their profile and relate to them based on what they are posting when you message them.
  • Make initial message just a hello and tell them why you are messaging them. Tell them that you saw them on “authors page” and liked what they had to say… Then reference the post and start engaging with them based on that profile post and their comment.

End with a call to action.

Love on everyone regardless if they are in your business, on your team etc. When you put good out good will come back in. When you show value to others and show others that you care to help then when they are ready to buy or join your particular company they will think of you to join or buy from.

Then there is the other option, posting a friend chain. A friend chain is another great way to gather new leads to your personal profile. Remember, bringing them into your personal profile is the first step to my sales cycle.



I will post a short description with this image or another image I have made. When they friend request you make sure to accept so they don’t go into Facebook Jail.

The next step is to develop a relationship with them. I like to thank you for the connection and give a SHORT message about who I am and what I like to do.

Remember, this is just the very first part of my Sales Cycle. These steps are meant to be completed in the order that they are given in the book so please do not skip steps as this book lesson will most likely not become beneficial to you and your business. I am out for you and your ultimate success!

I use my friends list to gather emails and members for my Value packed Group. You can have any type of group that you want but I personally have a Ketogentics lifestyle group that I use to help give back to the community. That is the value that I enjoy providing. You will want to provide not only an email list but a gathering place for your audience and that is where the Facebook Group comes into action.

Full Article is available upon request. 

Please send me the full Ebook on how to grow my business via social media. I am aware this is the same material that you provide to your business partners in your organization.





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