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It is important to know your driver before hopping on the  bus

I would like to first start out by saying, “Thank You” for taking the time to read my blog!

I started  in network marketing 14 years ago while in college. I didn’t last in the  industry very long because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. I was not computer savy and my comfort zone was very tight. I remember printing out flyers and taping them to my car windows because I thought that I would have people knocking at my door to buy and host a party since they seen my sign. Ha! was I wrong.  I was able to keep my business thriving for just a few months because the leads I generated from parties quickly fizzled out and I didn’t know what else to do to generate party hosts.  Since I was young and living with my grandparents I didn’t think twice to let my business come to a rapid end.

I moved out on my own and started working in Corporate America shortly after. I quickly realized how much I disliked  it but didn’t really know any other way to make money to support myself.  I truly felt like the Assistant Manager job I had was what my life had panned out for me until our store was robbed while I was working one night. Needless to say, I never went back to that j.o.b! I knew a friend who was a CNA and she told me about a sponsorship program to get the CNA license. I applied for it and was accepted. This was a huge break through for me at the time. I felt secure knowing that I could go to work every morning and  not have the worries of being robbed.  After being in the Health Care field for several years I went into Dentistry and worked in both the front office as a receptionist and back office as a dental assistant. I loved dentistry but after our middle child was born I we both decided that the best option for our family was for me to stay home and raise the kids.

13443237_10153824080758789_5106141089220849428_oBeing a stay at home mom was what I had always hoped for as my future however I still had a Corporate America Work Attitude so I started learning how to network myself through the power of social media and built an at home business doing consignment. Oh the story of my networking career only begins here! I started learning the ropes of social media, how to really get into the right atmosphere and how to utilize it to make some real money. I found a MLM company that I  signed up with and started my network marketing all over again. This time around I had a lot more tools at my hands rather than just a piece of paper taped to my car and built my team to over 70 distributors in less than  2 years and a yearly multiple 5 figure income.

I have been teaching myself how to network for the past 5 years straight and I am still learning. There are so many tools out there to utilize so no one can  truly know everything.  Although I feel extremely confident in my marketing abilities I still do a lot of self development and a lot of research to keep up to date with the latest trends. Going from just a piece of paper to now being very computer savvy I have been able to take Network Marketing to a whole other level.

This day and age social media is where millions of business owners take their business because the ability to  reach thousands of people, globally, with just one post is incredible. I do some networking off of the internet but my team calls me the  network marketing Guru. I hold that title with them for a reason. Social media is the place to be when building a MLM business and I teach my team how to utilize this powerful tool to do the same with their business!

Now I am currently  firmly planted! The team is amazing as well as our up-line support! I have made leaps and bounds from where I once was. Instead of being that small town girl who knew nothing and had a piece of paper taped to her car to learning how to properly network myself and earn $1,000’s in bonuses alone. I have over 85 ladies and gentlemen in my organization within just the past 8 months of being with the company.

I do not say this to boast, I say this to show you what the possibilities hold! If I can do it so can you! I am just a small town girl who is super shy. This is exactly why social media has taken my business to a whole other level. I can now communicate with people globally and don’t have to worry about my shy side since I am talking with them through the internet or on the phone.

Team Updates As Of 8/10/17

  •  85 in my organization
  • 56% customer retention
  • Director 4 Current status









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