Applications To Make MLM Easier

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Applications That I use To Simplify My Business


As if Network Marketing isn’t tough enough for some it is even tougher when you don’t have the right tools at your fingertips to simply your business. It took me several years and digging, research and talking with other Network Marketers to find out there there are tricks to the trade. Now, I am not claiming to have found the golden ticket to success however I am going to share with you the phone applications that I use that make my life a lot more simple!

Lets face it, most individuals who are in Network Marketing use some sort of device that hooks up to the internet and the most common in my personal experience is the smart phone! The applications I am about to share with you are the ones that I personally use via my Android. I am  not an apple or iphone girl so your applications may vary if you have those types of devices.


Instagram Applications

InstaSave – This application allows you to copy and save images to your phone that you have found on instagram

JustUnfollow – This application allows you to unfollow the users that did not follow you back

No Crop – This application automatically crops and adjusts your image to fit instagram

Downloader for instagram – This application allows you to copy and save videos to your phone that you found on instagram

TagsForLikes – This application has many different hashtags that are in designated categories and they use the most popular tags

Image Editing

I absolutely love making my own images and the applications that I use are:

PicsArt – great editor to create and edit images. It also has a collage option

Phonto – I love this application to use the beautiful text options

Photo Grid – This application is good or before and after images. Another collage option

Video Editing

I also love making videos to boost my business and the applications that I use are:

VivaVideo and I use the VivaVideoPro application (it is a paid upgrade version of the VivaVideo) – These applications allow you to add themes, music and crop your videos

Flipagram – I use this application to make selfie videos with my pictures. I love all the different music you can add to it. You can make it short enough for an Instragram post or longer to put on Facebook

Movie Maker – I use this program on my computer when I record my videos via the laptop or ipad

Facebook Application for Android

VideoDownloader – This application will allow you to download a video from another persons Facebook page and upload it to your page with out sharing from wall to wall

FB Video Downloader – This application will allow you to download a video from another persons Facebook page and upload it to your page with out sharing from wall to wall

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