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I am just a Mom who wanted more in life

I had a Career in the Dentistry Field, but the physical toll of living in Indiana and working in Down Town Chicago was very taxing. I would be gone for over 12 hours a day and did not have a life for my son at the time. I was always so tired and constantly in a rush. The worst part was that I never ever seen my 3 year old son.

When I meet fiance, now husband, I was given the opportunity to start staying home. Once our middle child was born I stopped working in the Dentistry industry and started staying home with the kids. That was such a Dream Come True!!!

Fast forward a couple of years and I gave birth to our third child. A couple of months later I blew out my knee and had two knee surgeries. To this day my knee is still compromised!
Since I was not able to be as active as my body was used to I started to put on even more weight and starting weighing more than I weighed when I was pregnant with our third child.

I started looking for ways to help me lose weight since my only true way of exercising is through walking around the neighborhood and even that much activity can really flare up my knee.

In my journey of looking to make a lifestyle change for not only myself but for my family I started researching the importance of whole foods & supplements in filling the nutritional gaps (I was deficient in a few vitamins and it caused major fatigue) I started to learn that what I ate and the supplements I would take would have a huge affect on not only my fatigue but also my weight loss journey.

I came across Harsh Chemical & Toxin free household products and more importantly amazing supplements that are back by two scientific studies based on blood work.

I became a believer in whole foods, amazing supplements & the benefits of toxin free products immediately. I even started the ketogentic lifestyle!

If you are a tired, fatigued mom wanting to reclaim your zest for life and improve your overall health, connect with me via Text 219-746-3316

or via Email: Support@HeatherDarwish.com

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Heather Lynn

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Text: 219-746-3316

Email: Support@HeatherDarwish.Com



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6 thoughts on “Welcome To Heather’s Network by Heather Lynn

  1. Great information!!! I am new to the DS(I have done before with no success and hoping to really go far with this one)

  2. I love this Heather, never have read your blog before, and this is great. You are always so full of great information. I am so glad I am your fb friend and that I know you through DM. I am very lucky, you are a great Mentor.

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